May. 7th, 2017


May. 7th, 2017 12:33 pm
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I've lived in Liverpool 27 years and never been to Chester zoo. A bunch of my friends went there at the end of my first year at university and didn't ask me, which I was rather upset about, and I've wanted to go ever since. 26 years later, I finally managed it.

It was a lovely day. We arrived about 1pm so we had 4 hours to wander round and then we headed to the Wizard at Alderley Edge for dinner and got home some time after 11pm.

It was supposed to be 4 of us. I said I'd pick Cath up at about 11am then Tarek after and then hopefully be at the zoo some time around noon. We got a little delayed so I sent Cath a text at 11 to let her know that we'd be a little late. Finally got on our way at 11.30ish. I received a text a few minutes into the less than 10 minute drive to Cath's which I didn't check till we were parked outside her flat. It was from Cath and it read:-
"Hi. I think I'll have to pass. Not in the best mood and can't be doing with the lateness. Hope you have a lovely time though."

I replied from the car park saying we were there 'but if that's the way you feel..' and gave her a few minutes. She didn't come out and there was no response. Just after we'd picked Tarek up she emailed him the e-ticket that she'd spent £20 on that morning.

I dunno. It could be that it that was a perfectly reasonable response to someone being half an hour late and I'm just clueless. Is it just me?

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