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Far too eye-watery to write anything much, so I'lll just leave this here.

(And no, I'm absolutely not crying. This song never makes me cry :/)
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I should be gaming tonight, but I really couldn't handle even the idea of company, so I'm just hermitting, and watching Community, which has become my happy place :)

LOOK WHAT [ profile] shan_3414 MADE FOR ME! It's so, so lovely. A perfect marriage of song and imagery, just wonderful. Thank you, Shan. It was so worth the wait :D
These girls are my Skins OTP forever. I miss them :(

(Originally posted here.. If you like it, go give her some love :))
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Well, it's been a pretty tough few days, but it's not like there haven't been high points.
For example, I came in last night to discover a card from the postman telling me I had a parcel to pick up. Which was sort of surprising as my last Amazon package had already arrived and it's not like it's my birthday around now, or anything. I stopped off at the sorting office this morning to discover that [ profile] alobear and [ profile] cholten99 had sent me a dozen vegan chocolate cheesecake brownies, all the way from London. Seriously, you guys, I was so touched, I can't say. I may have got a little weepy.
Just really.

Currently, I feel like, given the opportunity, I'd hug them, along with [ profile] corone and [ profile] lareinemisere, and never let go. But that's probably not a great idea, cos I'm somewhat emotional right now, and I'd probably start crying, and if I did that I'd never stop.

Other high points: earlier in the week, my copies of the new edition of Tanith Lee's Night's Master (yay, it's back in print, at least for the moment. Buy it; it's fabulous) arrived from Amazon

along with the boxed set of Melissa de la Cruz's Blue Bloods series, which I'm reliably informed is basically Gossip Girl does vampires, which had me sold there and then :D

And finally, a huge hug and a thank you to everyone who's helped (even if it's just been with nice comments) to make this week a little less awful. Cheers, you guys :)

Things will be a bit hectic for the next week or so and then they'll start calming down again, thankfully.


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