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Yeah, not really the most successful week.
On Wednesday I conducted a fairly effective experiment to demonstrate the fact that 2 objects can't occupy the same space at the same time. The objects were car shaped. It was annoying. (It was a queue on the motorway, I was going maybe 3 miles an hour. Virtually no damage and he was very nice about it but it was still really stupid).

I was convinced I had a Samaritans overnight tonight so I spent the evening trying to sleep and went in for 10pm, only to discover it's next Friday. Ach.

On the plus side, Call of Cthulhu was fun last night. It's remarkable how every player or group ever will completely ignore the blatantly sign-poster plot points and go off on wild tangents. It's like, it's a printed handout. Why would someone going to the trouble of producing a handout if the information on it wasn't directly relevant to the story? What the hell is wrong with you?!
Still, the ad libing is always fun. I really must remember to make proper notes so I don't completely forget the random ad-hoc characters and extra leads.
Hopefully next session will see them getting back on track a bit. This is only supposed to be an intro, after all. I really don't want it to take weeks.

A very belated Happy Canada Day and a slightly less belated Happy Independence Day to everyone across the pond. I hope it was lovely :)

Every so often I run across some rather fabulous fanvids. This is one.
(Is it necessary to warn for spoilers in Harry Potter vids at this stage? If it is, then this is totally spoilery :)).

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Eeek, such a busy week!

Samaritans on Wednesday evening, which resulted in the person I was on shift with and I putting in a formal complaint. Yay :( It was the AGM, and a few of the people who were waiting around for it to start (including our new director) decided to use the duty room as a social area. I was on a very difficult call and mostly - the caller being very softly spoken - I could hear people talking and laughing. They'd left by the time I got off the phone, which is quite lucky for them, because I was angrier than I've been in a while.

Obviously my car failed its MOT (my car always fails its MOT :() but at least it was only on one tyre. It means, though, that rather than heading straight to London after work for Annie and Dave's anniversary bash I have to get the train back to Liverpool, pick up my car, grab my stuff and then head south, which will add 2 hours to my journey at least. Boo :(

On the plus side, our first Call of Cthulhu session in over a year went pretty well last night. Neither Cath nor Rachael (on whom I appear to have developed a very inconvenient crush) had roleplayed before and they seemed to enjoy it, so that's good, and Aid and Chris were on good form. Mind you, Chris's impulse control issues are getting no better. He still hasn't got the idea that there are some things you just don't say, or that just because something appears in your brain it's not a given that you have to vocalise it). When I point this out to him he usually gives the excuse that he didn't talk until he was 7 so now he's making up for it. That doesn't really wash, though. Oh well, hopefully he learn sooner rather than later.

And now it's the end of lunch and work is being annoying. Hey ho.
Have a lovely weekend!
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As usual I seem to have just about struggled to the end of the week and now I just want to sleep all weekend. Not going to happen, of course. I never do sleep much, but at least I have no overnights and no Sams shift tomorrow and exactly no plans for the weekend so I get a lazy couple of days. Yay :)

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Eek, it's been such a busy month, hence the lack of posts. I shall try and rectify that properly soon, but I have a lazy evening watching Pretty Little Liars followed by a very early night planned (I'm just exhausted :() so instead, here's a few piccies of our own favourite squamous tentacled horror's sojourn in Beatles-land. This was the second leg of His Lurking Eldritch Majesty's World Domination Tour, 2012 (as arranged by the lovely people as Lock up your sanity :p
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+ Tiredtiredtired. I don't know. It doesn't matter how unhectic my week is, by the time it gets to Friday evening, all I want to do is crash out, watch DVDs (although right now, I have "Come Dine With Me" on in the background, which is just awful. Appalling, appalling people :/) and get an early night.
I'm so rock.
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Had an overnight last night, so I was awake for something over 25 hours before getting to bed at half 7 in the morning and getting about 5 hours sleep. Tiiiiirrred.
It was Liverpool's second annual Gay Pride festival today, which I would have loved to check out, but I was way too knackered to even consider it :/
So now I'm spending a nice lazy evening finally embarking on season 3 of BSG. Yay, stress! XD

I really don't have the energy to update properly, but I haven't posted since the Big Hack so this is just a 'hi' and a quick posting of links for a couple of things I've had open in tabs for a while. I'm not sure anyone will be interested but me, but this is a good place to keep a record of stuff, so.
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