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Just got a couple of little things to get on Amazon (fingers crossed that they get here on time!) and then I'm all done with my Christmas shopping. Yay, go me! (Most of the people I get things for have Amazon wishlists which makes life soooo much easier. However did we cope before Amazon wishlists? Ah yes, we wandered around in the horrifying Christmas crowds getting more and more stressed and, generally, wound up wanting to curl up in a small, dark room and never wanting to deal with anyone ever again).

Of course town this afternoon was like a vision of Hell, and it wasn't helped by the fact that I woke up with an horrendous headache that even my beloved codeine struggled to deal with (I like codeine far too much; sometimes it's quite worrying, but I have so many sinus issues that sometimes I really just want to take a nice little pill and have them all go away) but I soldiered on and the fresh air was at least nice.

As usual all my efforts were focused around Waterstones, HMV and Lush so at least there was less wear on the (fake-)shoe leather than there could have been. It being Christmas, Lush has lots of new staff in and I didn't have the heart/energy to rebuff the very helpful person who was giving me lots of advice on their products and what to get my sister-in-law, though it kind of made me want to scream (because honestly, it's not like I shop there ridiculously regularly or anything /sarcasm).

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Or alternatively, just Happy Friday :)

Ask me how much of the stuff I need to do today I've actually done. Go on, ask me.
No? Ok. I'll tell you. None.

Which is pretty predictable really. All I really want to do over the next few days is sleep, lie on the sofa, read, have lots of baths and watch DVDs (Cath gave me Fringe for Christmas. Yay :) (obviously I didn't wait till Christmas to open it cos I have no self-control :/). But, it being Christmas, I have to do the whole family thing :((((((
I guess it's only a couple of days a year, but having to deal with my brother is just painful :/

Oh well. It'll be over soon enough, I suppose.
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3 days to go to Christmas and I still have to get something for my brother and my sister-in-law. I even went so far as to ask her what she might fancy, to which she responded, 'oh, you know, a book or a CD'. Which is the single most useless suggestion ever because I've known her for a decade and a half and I've always got her a book or a CD. It's basically what I do with anyone (although obviously, it's far easier to get presents for people I know well, and actually like). I thought about the new Norah Jones CD for her, because it strikes me as being suitably middle of the road, but reading the reviews it seems to be about the collapse of a relationship, and given the not entirely happy state of their marriage it might not be the most thoughtful present. Bugger.
I don't know. Micheal Bubble maybe? That's about as middle of the road as you can get. (Hell, it's a shame that Coldplay doesn't have a new album out. That'd be perfect). Or I could go the other way and buy her a Slayer or a Napalm Death CD. That'd teach her to be more specific.

Oh well, sitting here isn't going to get it done. God it's horrible outside. Wish me luck (and if anyone has any suggestions, that'd be good too).

Happy Christmas, all.

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