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Stolen from [personal profile] lokifan, the username music meme. I don't do memes very often and this one looked fun. It took me longer than I thought it would and I'll admit that I had to google 'songs beginning with Q', and for the second 'U' as well, (The Ubiquitous Mr Lovegrove was an easy pick). Though as you can see, I struggled to keep it to one song a letter for some of them. And there's a rather depressing bonus track.

So, without further ado!

Psychonaut, Fields of the Nephilim - Not my favourite of theirs (that would be Elizium it its entirety, which is without any doubt at all my most played album) but still amazing. I've loved them since I was 17. More than a quarter of a century later, I still do. And when they're on form, their live performances are nothing short of a revelation.

Red Right Hand, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - I first heard this on the dance floor at Invocation (still my favourite London goth night even though I haven't been in ages). It's dark and sensual and brutal and wonderful.

The Ubiquitous Mr Lovegrove, Dead Can Dance - Gloomy, sexy, and gorgeous.

A New England, Billy Bragg - Always a high point of his live performances. It's too long since I've seen him live. He hasn't come to Liverpool in 10 years. *pout*

Bonus N
Nothing Ever Happens, Del Amitri - An 80s classic, bleak and beautiful. I don't know anything else by them but I'll always love them for this.

Exhale, Plumb - I don't own much Christian rock but Exhale is certainly the best of the ones I do have and the title track is beautiful. I don't tend to talk about my faith. I'd rather let songs like this say it for me.

San Diego Serenade, Tom Waits - I first heard this as a cover by Nanci Griffith. Her cover is prettier but the original has a tenderness that's hard to beat.

Bonus S
Stúlkan sem starir á hafið, Hera - Hera's English language stuff is rather wonderful too (see below) but this (in her native Icelandic) is just beautiful, even if I don't have the first clue what it's about.

Queen of the Reich, Queensryche - The video for this is hilarious, 80s hair metal at its finest. To be honest, I don't really like the song. I was a huge fan of later Queensryche (especially Operation Mindcrime and Empire) but none of their later songs begins with Q. So frankly this is just here to make up the numbers.

Unbelievable, EMF - Ubiquitous Mr Lovegrove came easily but I really struggled with a second U. EMF were never favourites of mine but Unbelievable certainly brings back memories of the early 90s and my first years in Liverpool. Oh nostalgia.

As Is, Ani Difranco - Ani Difranco is amazing. Nuff said.

Bonus A
Alice's Restaurant, Arlo Guthrie - I first heard this in 1995. I was suffering from pretty bad depression at the time so this gives me conflicting feelings but it's a '60s classic. If you have 20 minutes to spare give it a listen. It's hilarious. As far as I'm aware, Arlo Guthrie is a Republican these days. Woody will be spinning in his grave.

Lucretia My Reflection, Sisters of Mercy - Andrew Eldritch is almost certainly a bit of a dick but Floodland will always have a piece of my heart. (Mind you, First and Last and Always, and Vision Thing, will too).

Love, Ire and Song, Frank Turner "Leave the mourning for the morning, pain can be killed with aspirin tablets and vitamin pills, but memories of hope and glorious defeat are a little bit harder to beat". ♥ ♥ ♥

Bonus L
Lettting the Telephone Ring, Ani Difranco - I did mention that Ani Difranco is amazing, didn't I?

Overwhelmed, Tim McMorris - This is one of the first songs Brie sent me. It speaks for itself, I guess.

Bonus O
Ole 55, Tom Waites - again, I first heard this in a cover version (by Sarah McClaclan). This is all gravel-voiced, whisky-soaked beauty. I don't actually know much Tom Waits but given that the two here are among my favourite songs in the entire world I should probably rectify that.

Reasons to be Cheerful, Part 3, Ian Dury and the Blockheads - Not a band that I heard much of but this and Hit me with your Rhythm Stick bring back so many memories of the early 80s for me, it's scary. He died too young.

My Fidelity, Heather Nova - Her later albums suffer a little from overproduction especially when placed side by side with her debut (Glow Stars). It's heart-breakingly beautiful.

Day of the Century, Seabound - this song is summer for me. I don't know why, it just makes me happy.
(I can't find this online which makes me sad :()

Bonus D
The Drowning Man, The Cure - I had to have at least one Cure song and while this isn't a favourite it ties perfectly in with my username (both being Titus Groan references and all). The song is somewhat spoilery if you haven't read Gormenghast.

Bonus bonus D
Don't Play This, Hera - because I had to include a Hera song in English.

Bonus bonus bonus D
Disappoint, Assemblage - this speaks for itself.

And finally, ones that I couldn't fit in my username but will always appear on any list of songs that I love.

I Will Follow You into the Dark, Death Cab for Cutie - I had this on repeat the day I was told of the suicide of a very close friend. I still can't hear it without thinking of him.

Gypsy, Suzanne Vega - written about a young man from Liverpool whom she met when she was a counselor at summer camp. If I was ever to make a list of my 3 favourite songs this would have to be in it.

Well that was longer than I planned. 25 songs, 27 different performance. I hope you like at least some of them.

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I hope you've all had a lovely weekend (and I hope it was restful and contained lots of chocolate :p).
I'm going to try and post properly soon, though it's possible that that's not going to happen till before I head off to Whitby on Thursday. We shall see :)

Have a few thematically appropriate songs. More than 20 years late, I seem to have developed a fondness for The Stone Roses. These are 2 of my favourites, and the bands fondness for Biblical imagery make them somewhat (if not entirely) appropriate XD

The City Harmonic are straight down the line evangelical types. Avoid if that's not your thing, but the song is very pretty.

Righty, I'm gonna have another cup of tea and watch the last hour or so of The Two Towers. If I can muster up the energy maybe I'll wander to the cathedral later, though it's looking less and less likely XD

Love and hugs to you all xxx
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- Actual inklings of spring this week. Yay! Of course, given that it's the Spring Equinox in less than 2 weeks it's kind of timely. (I'm just hoping that horrible Arctic vortex thingy that's been hammering North America all winter doesn't make its way to this side of the pond. Another super late spring after the winter we've had would be most unwelcome.
Still, I've managed to get through my least favourite month of the year relatively unscathed. Only one unpleasantness, so that's nice (though that unpleasantness looks like it's going to be indefinite, which makes me sad).

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- Well, it's with no small sense of relief that I managed to get through Deuteronomy this week with my eyeballs intact. Oh, and surprise too, because (with the exception of the early chapters of Genesis which are kind of fun), the first 4 of the Books of Moses mostly left me wanting to stick pins in my eyes. Ugh, just horrible.

Deuteronomy mostly takes the form of a sermon, with the 120 year old Moses addressing the 12 tribes of Israel just before his death and their subsequent crossing of the Jordan into the Promised Land and, while God here, much as in Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers, is portrayed in large part as being petty, vainglorious, arrogant, vindictive, and cruel (and murderous, don't forget murderous. I mean, honestly, the 12 plagues, anyone?), He's less to the forefront here than previously and mostly I found it a fairly interesting narrative of a People at a very specific time and place in their history.

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Nice quiet birthday, which is really the only kind that I like these days. My car breaking made sure I couldn't have done anything big anyway, even if I'd wanted to, but I like quiet, especially in January.
So, I took Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off and spent it reading, writing, watching TV and coming fourth of four at a game of Louis XIV (one of my favourites). I got to talk to a dear friend who's in Texas (so the timing can be awkward) on Tuesday night, so that was nice. She was Skyping on laptop rather than phone and it doesn't have a microphone so we did the me talking, her doing sign language and typing thing, which is surprisingly effective. For the first few months of our friendship we had to Skype that way all the time and while it felt strange going back to that now I've actually got used to hearing her voice, it was still lovely to talk to her.

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Fields of the Nephilim, Leeds, 15th December 2013

The first time, I was 17 or 18 (1990-ish), I was a little too close to the front (it was so loud it was painful), their best album (Elizium) hadn't been released yet, and anyway I was in the middle of a fairly severe bout of depression so I wasn't really capable of enjoying anything very much. The second time was 2008 and they were wonderful but, for various reasons, the venue didn't really work for them.
So this was the third time, and everything - everything - was perfect. The venue (the O2 Academy) is big-ish but small enough to be reasonably intimate. And Fields of the Nephilim were, not to put too fine a point on it, fucking awesome. Carl McCoy is 50 this year and he doesn't look or sound the slightest bit different. Nothing at all has changed, apparently, except that he has, in my eyes, at least, become a god XD No seriously. Whatever he may be like in person, on that stage he's out of this world <3

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Half-way through my traditional Halloween week off. There's been reading, writing, baking, and American Horror Story. Quite a nice way to spend a holiday.
Before the heavens open I really need to get some fresh air so I'll post properly soon.
Just dropping in put this here though. It's so pretty and I do love the video. I love to watch people write. It's very relaxing :)

Love and huggles, all :)
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As I type I have pictures from Scotland uploading to Photobucket. I honestly don't think I'll be bothered to post them tonight but I definitely will do at some point in the not too distant future. It was a lovely week and Scotland is beautiful (though, of course, somewhat soggy. You don't really go to Scotland in autumn (or Britain in autumn generally) and expect it not to be soggy). The house was amazing. A 4 storey Georgian mansion built around a 16th century tower. It was like no house I've ever been in, and I'll probably never stay anywhere quite like that ever again (though there is talk of next year staying in the gloriously named Fort Clonque, which is unique in a very different way).

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As usual I seem to have just about struggled to the end of the week and now I just want to sleep all weekend. Not going to happen, of course. I never do sleep much, but at least I have no overnights and no Sams shift tomorrow and exactly no plans for the weekend so I get a lazy couple of days. Yay :)

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AKA The best thing on Youtube ever.

This pretty much makes my life right now ...

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It's been such a busy week, I haven't known whether I've been coming or going! I'm so glad of the fact that I have a four day weekend next weekend (though the only reason I have the holidays left is because I volunteered to work between Christmas and New Year in order to have a legitimate excuse to spend as little time as possible with my family, which is a rather sad state of affairs).
I need to get round to booking tickets for the opening night of The Hobbit next Thursday, and then Andrew's back into town on Friday having abandoned us to go live in Lancaster last year, so probably takeaway and boardgames on Friday night, which should be nice.

One of the highlights of this week has been the Ellie Goulding gig, last night. She was as fab (and adorable!) as ever, though the venue left much to be desired and the sound was bad enough that I was bitching about it; I can't imagine what corone, with a professional knowledge of such things, whould have made of it! There was also a fight in the crowd at one point (a couple of drunken arseholes being drunk and arseholish) but it was split up pretty quickly, so no great hassle (though it's the first fight I've seen at a gig, and well, Ellie Goulding's music is so fluffy I wouldn't have expected it.

Right, I shall leave you with a quick song, and maybe get an early night (with perhaps an episode of Once Upon a Time first :)).
I hope you're all well <3

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First of all, a massive congratulations to all my friends in the United States for staving off the threat of a Republican president for 4 more years. I have to admit, I was getting more than a little nervous myself at how close it all seemed to be, so the fairly decisive trouncing Romney got was rather nice to wake up to.
Of course, before the election, I saw comments online arguing that the polls were biased towards the Democrats, and then, afterwards, that people didn't vote for Obama so much as against Romney, but that's clearly just a massive case of Republican sour grapes, and either way the result is the same so it looks like they'll just have to suck it up.
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Sams overnight on Friday (ugh. I hate the overnights :((() and gaming Thursday, and training day most of Sunday, starting at 9.30 in the morning (I mean, I know Samaritans is largely populated by very old people who, as a result, never sleep, but 9.30 am on a Sunday? WTF?! >( ) so I probably won't have a chance to update properly for a while, so here, have one of my favourite scenes from The Jungle Book (fave Disney film by a long way).
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Once again, no gaming tonight. Tomorrow we're going to vet our new potential member in a neutral location (one of the few bearable pubs in town, called The Bridewell because it was originally a police lockup). The few brief emails I've exchanged with him suggest that he's not a complete crazy (well, not in the bad way. Crazy in the good way is fine) but it's nice to make sure before I invite him into my home. Saturday night is going to be pseudo-Thursday, in the hope that Tarek's recent spell of extremely poor health will pass enough for him to join us.
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Oh my god, it's half way through the year. I shouldn't be surprised that it seems to be going by so fast, it always, always does, and yet. It's like the surprise I always feel when the days get longer in the summer and shorter in the winter. I mean, it's been doing that literally forever (well, since the world's existed anyway, which is a close to literally forever as makes no odds, for all practical purposes). And yet I still manage to be surprised. Much like a goldfish constantly wondering at the same tiny bowl XD
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One of my favourite sayings that, mainly because it's so apt. I've only ever heard it from one person, mind you, a Welshman (and whose first language is Welsh) who translated it from the Welsh for me. He could have made it up on the spot for all I know. I wouldn't really care either way. It's still very appropriate.

So yeah, kind of a rough few weeks, emotionally speaking. Been struggling to stay positive, although the spring-like weather of the last couple of days has helped to lift my mood some.
It's always the same at this time of year, really. February is my Long Dark Teatime of the Soul (TM Douglas Adams :)) but March isn't far away I guess, and things usually start to look up around then. Fingers crossed!
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+ Tiredtiredtired. I don't know. It doesn't matter how unhectic my week is, by the time it gets to Friday evening, all I want to do is crash out, watch DVDs (although right now, I have "Come Dine With Me" on in the background, which is just awful. Appalling, appalling people :/) and get an early night.
I'm so rock.
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