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- I had a somewhat heated conversation about climate change today. It was pretty much a case study in climate change denial - the other guy citing some recent statistic saying that average temperatures hadn't risen in the last decade, extrapolating it out to 30 years (I'm not sure how he did that, I'd pretty much given up listening at that point) and concluding that global warming obviously couldn't be a thing. He talked about how the majority of climate scientists were persuaded by the promise of extra funding to draw conclusions favourable to the received opinion regarding climate change, and at some point even talked about how the person who first argued that the Earth went around the Sun was 'poo-pooed' as some kind of example about how good science isn't about following the consensus.
I put my headphones in and stopped even trying to argue the point when he told me that I'd been brainwashed. Ugh.
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Once again, no gaming tonight. Tomorrow we're going to vet our new potential member in a neutral location (one of the few bearable pubs in town, called The Bridewell because it was originally a police lockup). The few brief emails I've exchanged with him suggest that he's not a complete crazy (well, not in the bad way. Crazy in the good way is fine) but it's nice to make sure before I invite him into my home. Saturday night is going to be pseudo-Thursday, in the hope that Tarek's recent spell of extremely poor health will pass enough for him to join us.
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3 days to go to Christmas and I still have to get something for my brother and my sister-in-law. I even went so far as to ask her what she might fancy, to which she responded, 'oh, you know, a book or a CD'. Which is the single most useless suggestion ever because I've known her for a decade and a half and I've always got her a book or a CD. It's basically what I do with anyone (although obviously, it's far easier to get presents for people I know well, and actually like). I thought about the new Norah Jones CD for her, because it strikes me as being suitably middle of the road, but reading the reviews it seems to be about the collapse of a relationship, and given the not entirely happy state of their marriage it might not be the most thoughtful present. Bugger.
I don't know. Micheal Bubble maybe? That's about as middle of the road as you can get. (Hell, it's a shame that Coldplay doesn't have a new album out. That'd be perfect). Or I could go the other way and buy her a Slayer or a Napalm Death CD. That'd teach her to be more specific.

Oh well, sitting here isn't going to get it done. God it's horrible outside. Wish me luck (and if anyone has any suggestions, that'd be good too).

Happy Christmas, all.

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