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3 days into Lent and while I do rather fancy a G&T, it's actually the chocolate embargo that I'm struggling with more (had I thought about it properly I'd have just gone the whole hog and gone vegan again for the next 40 days - I haven't been vegan for 4 years at least - but it's kind of late for that). One unforeseen consequence is the my caffeine intake is up again. I'd done a fair job of not drinking tea or coffee after midday during the week but since Wednesday, yeah, not so much. I'm so tense and twitchy most of the time I really need to get that under control.

I didn't do pancakes - I never do pancakes; obviously for over 10 years I didn't eat two of the major ingredients and I couldn't make a vegan version work. Maybe at the weekend. It's been so long since I had pancakes (the American versions don't really count :p).

Pretty songs, mostly Christian, under the cut. Don't say I didn't warn you ...

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Righty. I seem to have got back into Final Fantasy X so I think I might go have a run around Spira for a bit. Fun fun.

Love to you all ♥

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