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Far too exhausted to write anything much but a few weeks ago I went with [personal profile] alobear and [personal profile] cholten99 to Scotland for the weekend. We stayed in Rosslyn Castle, a just a stone's throw away from Rosslyn Chapel (and built by the same family, at roughly the same time - 1400-ish). The castle proper was badly damaged by Cromwell in about 1650 and shortly afterwards a lovely little 2 storey stone house was built in its places. It's an extraordinary building, like nothing I've ever seen: built on a rocky outcrop reached by a stone bridge, about 60 or 70 feet above the river valley below, and providing direct access from a stairway within the house, to the three remaining levels of the castle (uninhabitable but completely intact). The current Earl of Rosslyn and his family don't live there (it's too cold apparently, and I can see why: we were there on a gloriously warm early September weekend and the inside of the house was by no means toasty. In the middle of winter it must be bleak as anything) so they rent it out all year to cover the cost of upkeep, which must be eyewatering.

I took loads of pictures and I'm struggling to upload them all, so here's a few as a taster. A weekend wasn't enough to truly appreciate it but it was certainly a wonderful experience.
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Soooo, just cos I took a few piccies (which I don't do much. I really must get into the habit of it more. It's nice to look at them, even if I have no eye) here's foggy, pretty Whitby, in all (or at least a small part) of its glory.

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Happy Halloween, everyone!
I hope it's a good one and that you're all well <3

I'm not usually one for decorations, but this is currently what my writing desk looks like. To be honest, it'll probably stay like that long past Halloween :)
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Eek, it's been such a busy month, hence the lack of posts. I shall try and rectify that properly soon, but I have a lazy evening watching Pretty Little Liars followed by a very early night planned (I'm just exhausted :() so instead, here's a few piccies of our own favourite squamous tentacled horror's sojourn in Beatles-land. This was the second leg of His Lurking Eldritch Majesty's World Domination Tour, 2012 (as arranged by the lovely people as Lock up your sanity :p
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Back in Liverpool and back to work after a very pleasant week away. Now I have to sort out all that building work that I was putting off until after I came back (which my insurance doesn't cover. There's a shock :/). But it's Friday night so that can wait for a little bit longer.
On the plus side, game night is back to the Warhammer 'Enemy Within' campaign, which YAY nostalgia :D. This instalment is Death on the Reik, which I think we played all the way through when it was first published back in 1987 (LOLscary :D), although I don't remember any of the plot. I know we didn't get as far as the next part (Power Behind the Throne) because Steve started to read it and threw up his hands in defeat (from what I've heard it's long, extremely complex and not the slightest bit linear, so it's a bit of a nightmare for a GM to run. Our current GM seems to be happy to face the challenge, though, which is nice). Not much has changed since we played part 2 (Shadows Over Bogenhafen) last year. We're still ridiculous, immature, and entirely incapable of coming up with a coherent, well thought-out plan without resorting to hitting things. So, to put it briefly, it's a lot of fun :D

Anyway, for lack of much else interesting to say, I'm going to spend a little while spamming you with pretty pictures and stuff.
Firstly, here's a few pictures of Chipping Campden, where we stayed last week. Specifically, it's the outbuildings of Old Campden House, which was built by the fabulously named Sir Baptist Hicks at the end of the 16th Century and destroyed 50 or so years later, in the Civil War (the Hicks were Royalist, which the Roundheads obviously had something to say about). What remains (there were separate banqueting houses and whatnot) is still rather lovely though.

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