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I have a whole bunch of piccies that I've been meaning to post and I'm too exhausted to actually write a proper update (I have been for most of the last few weeks. Ugh) so I think the next few posts are going to be photo dumps. Sorry for my lack of photography skills.

A weekend of games and good company was a nice way to distract us from the worst possible election result and Bath is a lovely city that I'd only been to a couple of times before.
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- I had a somewhat heated conversation about climate change today. It was pretty much a case study in climate change denial - the other guy citing some recent statistic saying that average temperatures hadn't risen in the last decade, extrapolating it out to 30 years (I'm not sure how he did that, I'd pretty much given up listening at that point) and concluding that global warming obviously couldn't be a thing. He talked about how the majority of climate scientists were persuaded by the promise of extra funding to draw conclusions favourable to the received opinion regarding climate change, and at some point even talked about how the person who first argued that the Earth went around the Sun was 'poo-pooed' as some kind of example about how good science isn't about following the consensus.
I put my headphones in and stopped even trying to argue the point when he told me that I'd been brainwashed. Ugh.
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Soooo, just cos I took a few piccies (which I don't do much. I really must get into the habit of it more. It's nice to look at them, even if I have no eye) here's foggy, pretty Whitby, in all (or at least a small part) of its glory.

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- Actual inklings of spring this week. Yay! Of course, given that it's the Spring Equinox in less than 2 weeks it's kind of timely. (I'm just hoping that horrible Arctic vortex thingy that's been hammering North America all winter doesn't make its way to this side of the pond. Another super late spring after the winter we've had would be most unwelcome.
Still, I've managed to get through my least favourite month of the year relatively unscathed. Only one unpleasantness, so that's nice (though that unpleasantness looks like it's going to be indefinite, which makes me sad).

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As of about 6 hours ago I now have an external wall that doesn't leak water when it rains. Yay! I've been meaning to get that done for ages and obviously with the winter on its way it was getting quite pressing. I have so much else to get done but that's the most serious external thing. It's such a relief that it's sorted. There's always something to stress about though.

But whatever, I'm off north of the border for a few days come Sunday. I've been so looking forward to it. Nice lazy evening tonight though. Possibly see the last couple of episodes of season 1 of Once Upon a Time (which I'm loving but which, for various reasons, has take me most of this year to get through) or Ponyo, or maybe The Princess and the Frog (I'm on a bit of a Disney kick recently, and I was taken by the New Orleans setting of that one).

Now then, let's see if I can remember how to link pictures from Photobucket. I'm sure it can't be that hard.
Ah yes, that's it. A lot easier than I remember. Yay :)
We'll see if I took any pictures worth seeing.
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Eek, it's been such a busy month, hence the lack of posts. I shall try and rectify that properly soon, but I have a lazy evening watching Pretty Little Liars followed by a very early night planned (I'm just exhausted :() so instead, here's a few piccies of our own favourite squamous tentacled horror's sojourn in Beatles-land. This was the second leg of His Lurking Eldritch Majesty's World Domination Tour, 2012 (as arranged by the lovely people as Lock up your sanity :p
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This is how time works, apparently...

Just got back from my second 40th birthday bash in 2 weeks. This one was ajoint one for two of my old university housemates. Last week was one for an old school friend (who's now my joint-oldest friend, since Steve (whom I would have known for 29 years this year) made a decision that we all regret a couple of years ago). They were both really nice, actually, although utterly exhausting.

The one this weekend involved camping, which, yeah, not a great life choice really, not in an English spring-time (I've camped at the beginning of May before when it's been absolutely glorious (too hot for me, but then I really don't like the heat) but it's a little unpredictable to say the least) but given the amount of people and the location it was probably the only option available. It kicked off at 2pm yesterday, but obviously I was latelatelate (in my defence, I did have to drive all the way down to Stratford and I was, erm, kind of disorganised, so I only left at 1.30. Whoops). I turned up at about 6 which still left the evening, into the night, and most of today. And really, the first few hours was mostly dominated by an unseemly amount of children. I mean, seriously, I don't think I've ever been to a party with that number of children. It was kind of disconcerting. And then I realised that, yeah, I'm actually now at an age where having children, and possibly several of them, is pretty normal. And I'll admit (and this is very, very rare for me!) I actually got a little broody at times. I guess I always thought I'd have children at some point? I don't know. It seems pretty unlikely at this stage, and mostly I'm perfectly fine with that but sometimes, just sometimes, I regret it. Oh well.

Where was I? Ah yes. It was cold! Like, for most of the evening I was wearing two t-shirts, a top, a coat and a blanket, and I was still pretty shivery, although Tom's home-made cider kind of helped with that (mind you, I went pretty easy on that because he had no idea how strong it was, except that it was probably more than 8% O_O).
Despite that, it was actually really nice. At least the rain held off, and most importantly of all I had the chance to catch up with some very old friends whom I haven't seen in ages, which is always lovely. Obviously we all promised to make more effort to keep in more regular touch and I really hope that'll happen. We'll have to see!

On the way South, and back North again, I had Covenant's Northern Light on more or less constant repeat. 6 years after first hearing it it's still one of my favourites.
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+Long day. Long week. Only just got out of the bath and already it's nearly bedtime. Tiiiiiiired.
I'm always tired recently. That should change with the coming of spring, right? Shouldn't it?
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One of my favourite sayings that, mainly because it's so apt. I've only ever heard it from one person, mind you, a Welshman (and whose first language is Welsh) who translated it from the Welsh for me. He could have made it up on the spot for all I know. I wouldn't really care either way. It's still very appropriate.

So yeah, kind of a rough few weeks, emotionally speaking. Been struggling to stay positive, although the spring-like weather of the last couple of days has helped to lift my mood some.
It's always the same at this time of year, really. February is my Long Dark Teatime of the Soul (TM Douglas Adams :)) but March isn't far away I guess, and things usually start to look up around then. Fingers crossed!
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While I have a Tumblr account there are many reasons I intensely dislike Tumblr. However, on occasions it does come up with a few little gems (and pictures of adorable hedgehogs XD).

This is one of them. I'm shamefully ignorant of Baudelaire, and poetry in general. I love this though.
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Feb. 4th, 2012 10:24 am
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First illness of the year and I feel oogy. I actually had to duck out of my Samaritans duty a couple of hours early on Wednesday, and I've been basically lying on the sofa feeling sorry for myself since then.
Nothing out of the ordinary, just a really nasty cold. The constantly running eyes and nose and general achiness have passed now, but as so often happens, it looks like it's planning on taking residence in my sinuses for a while. Sinus pain. Boo.

I should get some fresh air later, I'm sure that would do me good. But for now I'm just going to languish on the sofa and feel sorry for myself some more. Oh woe is me XD

I hope you're all feeling better than I am :)
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I've had the day off (well, the whole week, actually) and it's been less than productive but rather nice. Obviously I've got a whole load of things that I'd like to have got done by the end of the week, but we'll see, I guess.
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Which is to say, when the 'check engine' light is on, I probably shouldn't assume that the only problem with the car is that there isn't a check 'check engine light' light.
So, after more than 8 hours of traveling on Sunday (although over 4 of those were spent waiting on people to come fix the car/tow me home) I arrived back exactly where I started, with my car on the back of a truck, sans water pump and 'auxiliary belt' whatever one of those is. Having driven it about 50 miles with no effective cooling system (other than the air going over it at 70 miles an hour) it remains to be seen how much other damage I've done to the engine (the last time I let a car drastically overheat, it melted the engine and it had to be rebuilt, for an eyewatering amount of money :/
God, I have such bad luck with cars :(

So I've got a week off work, and my plans to visit family and friends down south are a complete bust (especially as it was a bank holiday yesterday, so there were no garages open till today. Gah. Great timing, that). I've got a whole load of stuff that I can do at home. Stupid amounts of books to read, beta-ing to do, stuff to write, house stuff (need to sort out repairs, and there's always cleaning), so many comments to catch up on, and emails to write to, and loads and loads of TV to catch up on. It's just, I was looking forward to having a nice wander, and seeing people I've not seen for a while.

I'm trying so hard to be productive and not just faff my time away. I'm just naturally a faffer, what can you do!

Talking of which, I'm going to watch a couple of episodes of Criminal Minds now. I do love a good police procedural :)
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Had an overnight last night, so I was awake for something over 25 hours before getting to bed at half 7 in the morning and getting about 5 hours sleep. Tiiiiirrred.
It was Liverpool's second annual Gay Pride festival today, which I would have loved to check out, but I was way too knackered to even consider it :/
So now I'm spending a nice lazy evening finally embarking on season 3 of BSG. Yay, stress! XD

I really don't have the energy to update properly, but I haven't posted since the Big Hack so this is just a 'hi' and a quick posting of links for a couple of things I've had open in tabs for a while. I'm not sure anyone will be interested but me, but this is a good place to keep a record of stuff, so.
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Kind of a random picture to start off with, but then I think this post may turn out to be made up of kind of random things, so whatever. I've been on Tumblr for about a month and nothing has changed my initial impression that it's largely a whole array of very pretty (and sometimes very pervy) pictures. Which is nice, of course, but it rather fails on the whole interaction thing, which is one of the things I like most about LJ. Given that, I'm super happy that both [ profile] shan_3414 and [ profile] blurubberband55 have expressed their intention to come home :). It's been so quiet here recently, it'll be nice for things to be a little more lively :). Of course, I can't guarantee that I'll post more myself. I always intend to, but I'm so good at just faffing my time away that, well, I'm never as productive as I'd like at anything (who is?).
Anyway, where was I? Ah yes, this!
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Back in Liverpool and back to work after a very pleasant week away. Now I have to sort out all that building work that I was putting off until after I came back (which my insurance doesn't cover. There's a shock :/). But it's Friday night so that can wait for a little bit longer.
On the plus side, game night is back to the Warhammer 'Enemy Within' campaign, which YAY nostalgia :D. This instalment is Death on the Reik, which I think we played all the way through when it was first published back in 1987 (LOLscary :D), although I don't remember any of the plot. I know we didn't get as far as the next part (Power Behind the Throne) because Steve started to read it and threw up his hands in defeat (from what I've heard it's long, extremely complex and not the slightest bit linear, so it's a bit of a nightmare for a GM to run. Our current GM seems to be happy to face the challenge, though, which is nice). Not much has changed since we played part 2 (Shadows Over Bogenhafen) last year. We're still ridiculous, immature, and entirely incapable of coming up with a coherent, well thought-out plan without resorting to hitting things. So, to put it briefly, it's a lot of fun :D

Anyway, for lack of much else interesting to say, I'm going to spend a little while spamming you with pretty pictures and stuff.
Firstly, here's a few pictures of Chipping Campden, where we stayed last week. Specifically, it's the outbuildings of Old Campden House, which was built by the fabulously named Sir Baptist Hicks at the end of the 16th Century and destroyed 50 or so years later, in the Civil War (the Hicks were Royalist, which the Roundheads obviously had something to say about). What remains (there were separate banqueting houses and whatnot) is still rather lovely though.

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