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Well, almost 3 years after starting the story I'm still currently working on, I've reached the second half of chapter 8. It turns out - although I really didn't expect it to take so many words - the second half of chapter 8 is where the smut comes in. Bearing in mind that the whole point of the story was the porn, it's more than a little annoying that it's taken this long, and 30000 words, to get there. Curse me and my overwhelming need to make smut emotionally plausible.

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My to do list this week (well, yeah, my to do list every week) had 'update LJ/DW) on it rather prominently. I did rather well for the rest of the list. I even wrote a little bit, although to be honest that was really just brainstorming and plotting out the rest of my ongoing, two and half years and counting, magnum opus (I think it's going to be 9 chapters and an epilogue now, though that could still change, and probably a little short of 40000 words, which is kind of ridiculous for something that was originally supposed to be a little PWP, and still not great for almost 3 years work). And I was going to write a proper update here, i really was. But then the motorway was closed after work so I ended up going to the pub to wait for it to sort itself out, and now it's after 10 and all I want to do is slump in front of Fringe for an hour and then go to bed.

So yeah, I'll give you an insight into my super-duper exciting life (/sarcasm!) another time, and I'll hopefully catch up with comments on Sunday and instead I'll leave you with a nice cheerful little number from The Sisters of Mercy. (I always wondered what the phrase 'nine while nine' actually means and then I found out that that the 'while' in this context is simply Sheffield-ian (cos that's where the Sisters are from) for 'till' or 'until'. So there you go. If only all great mysteries were resolved so easily :)).

Have a lovely weekend everyone ♥

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With thanks to magentadawned from whom I first heard this.

I spent most of my teens in the mid to late 80s being all about the Rock. I had very little time for all those wussy synth types. As a result I missed out on rather a lot, including this little gem which I heard for the first time a couple of days ago. 'Tis absolutely gorgeous :)

I'm away for the weekend, for cholten99's 40th birthday. All these people turning 40! However did that happen?

Later all. Have fun!

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+Long day. Long week. Only just got out of the bath and already it's nearly bedtime. Tiiiiiiired.
I'm always tired recently. That should change with the coming of spring, right? Shouldn't it?
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So many emails to write, and comments to write/answer, and a killer case of writer's block to try and get over. Also, a to-read pile that makes me weep to look at it (I figured out a few years ago that it would take me at least five years to read the books I own that I haven't read yet. It would probably be more like 10 now. On the plus side, I'm sure they'll make excellent kindling when the zombie apocalypse comes. For which the following advice may be useful:D
Photobucket). However, I'm ridiculously tired and my sinuses are kicking off, so instead I'm spending the evening watching DVDs and spamming LJ with pretties. So, not too much change there then.
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Back in Liverpool and back to work after a very pleasant week away. Now I have to sort out all that building work that I was putting off until after I came back (which my insurance doesn't cover. There's a shock :/). But it's Friday night so that can wait for a little bit longer.
On the plus side, game night is back to the Warhammer 'Enemy Within' campaign, which YAY nostalgia :D. This instalment is Death on the Reik, which I think we played all the way through when it was first published back in 1987 (LOLscary :D), although I don't remember any of the plot. I know we didn't get as far as the next part (Power Behind the Throne) because Steve started to read it and threw up his hands in defeat (from what I've heard it's long, extremely complex and not the slightest bit linear, so it's a bit of a nightmare for a GM to run. Our current GM seems to be happy to face the challenge, though, which is nice). Not much has changed since we played part 2 (Shadows Over Bogenhafen) last year. We're still ridiculous, immature, and entirely incapable of coming up with a coherent, well thought-out plan without resorting to hitting things. So, to put it briefly, it's a lot of fun :D

Anyway, for lack of much else interesting to say, I'm going to spend a little while spamming you with pretty pictures and stuff.
Firstly, here's a few pictures of Chipping Campden, where we stayed last week. Specifically, it's the outbuildings of Old Campden House, which was built by the fabulously named Sir Baptist Hicks at the end of the 16th Century and destroyed 50 or so years later, in the Civil War (the Hicks were Royalist, which the Roundheads obviously had something to say about). What remains (there were separate banqueting houses and whatnot) is still rather lovely though.

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There are a couple of memes going around that I'm thinking about doing (I never do memes, but I was tagged for one, and the other's kinda cute, so). And I rather like the idea of the accent meme, except that I'm technologically inept and I hate my voice with the fiery power of a thousand red-hot suns. So it looks like those of you who don't know what I sound like will probably remain ignorant. LOL Sorry :D
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