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"Though we come and go, and pass into the shadows, where we leave
behind us stories told – on paper, on the wings of butterflies, on the
wind, on the hearts of others – there we are remembered, there we work
magic and great change – passing on the fire like a torch – forever
and forever. Till the sky falls, and all things are flawless and need
no words at all."

Tanith Lee
prunesquallormd: (Effy - Lost in thought)
The Origin of Snow
A Story of the Flat Earth
by Tanith Lee

Copyright Tanith Lee 2002. All rights reserved.

Notes:In case it's not obvious, this isn't mine, and I didn't write a single word of it.
It was posted on Tanith Lee's website in December 2002, and as far as I know, hasn't been published anywhere else. Lee's site has been down for months due to some sort of problem with the hosting company, otherwise I'd just link to it. So, I had it on a paper copy (I lost the file ages ago), which I've typed up as is, and I've kept the same formatting and occasionally rather eccentric punctuation. I've corrected the odd obvious typo, but that's it.

Lee's written a huge amount, most of which is out of print :( . "Tales of the Flat Earth", of which this is a part, is one of my favourite things ever. If reading this makes you want more, Daughter of the Night, a rather excellent annotated bibliography, is a very good place to start, and obviously Amazon has all her in print stuff :)

Anyway, without further ado:

The Origin of Snow )

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