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Fields of the Nephilim, Leeds, 15th December 2013

The first time, I was 17 or 18 (1990-ish), I was a little too close to the front (it was so loud it was painful), their best album (Elizium) hadn't been released yet, and anyway I was in the middle of a fairly severe bout of depression so I wasn't really capable of enjoying anything very much. The second time was 2008 and they were wonderful but, for various reasons, the venue didn't really work for them.
So this was the third time, and everything - everything - was perfect. The venue (the O2 Academy) is big-ish but small enough to be reasonably intimate. And Fields of the Nephilim were, not to put too fine a point on it, fucking awesome. Carl McCoy is 50 this year and he doesn't look or sound the slightest bit different. Nothing at all has changed, apparently, except that he has, in my eyes, at least, become a god XD No seriously. Whatever he may be like in person, on that stage he's out of this world <3

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Well, due to a positive masterpiece of scheduling on my part (AKA blind luck) I managed to see Catching Fire mid-afternoon last Saturday and get back home in time for Doctor Who. I'm very glad I did because they were both rather awesome. Having read Catching Fire before I saw it I enjoyed it slightly less than The Hunger Games, just because I knew what was happening. Cath was kind of annoyed by the whole 'it not finishing properly' thing, but then, that's second films of trilogies the world over (it's somehow less annoying in books, I don't know why).
As with the first one, it looked amazing, it was almost pathologically faithful to the book (and again, even the bits they added because the books are purely Katniss's POV were extrapolated very well), and it was brilliantly cast. All in all, I'm very much looking forward to Mocking Jay (which was actually the weakest of the books for me, though I still very much enjoyed it). Somehow I can't help thinking it'll work better as a film.

Doctor Who, despite my worries that it would be something of a let down, was all sorts of fabulous. Sufficiently so that I'd be entirely unable to be coherent about it, so here's a more lucid critique than I could ever give:-

And this made me alternately squee and cry :')

(And now I'm going to watch Maudryn Undead again and remind myself if the limit of 13 was on incarnations or regenerations. Cos if it was on incarnations then they've just hit the limit with John Hurt's 'War Doctor' and I'll be interested to see if they just ignore it or make any sort of nod to it in the next regeneration).
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Oh my god, it's half way through the year. I shouldn't be surprised that it seems to be going by so fast, it always, always does, and yet. It's like the surprise I always feel when the days get longer in the summer and shorter in the winter. I mean, it's been doing that literally forever (well, since the world's existed anyway, which is a close to literally forever as makes no odds, for all practical purposes). And yet I still manage to be surprised. Much like a goldfish constantly wondering at the same tiny bowl XD
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With thanks to magentadawned from whom I first heard this.

I spent most of my teens in the mid to late 80s being all about the Rock. I had very little time for all those wussy synth types. As a result I missed out on rather a lot, including this little gem which I heard for the first time a couple of days ago. 'Tis absolutely gorgeous :)

I'm away for the weekend, for cholten99's 40th birthday. All these people turning 40! However did that happen?

Later all. Have fun!

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Currently I'm playing adoring host to Great Cthulhu himself (well, his avatar anyway, in the form of an evilly cute small green plush) who's on the third leg on his World Domination Tour (as organised by his worshipers at There'll probably be pictures at some point, if he doesn't drive me mad and eat my soul.

Chris P.'s 40th birthday bash down in The Smoke was lots of fun, if tiring. And next weekend I have another 40 (a joint one this time) down in Stratford on Avon. There'll be camping involved. In England. In May. WHY GOD? WHY? (Need to get me a MUCH WARMER sleeping bag, I think).

V. sleepy now (but at least I have tomorrow off, so yay\o/).
Have a little meme and then it's time for bed.
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Bonus points if you can tell me where that comes from ;)
Not that it's particularly obscure or anything, so hardly a difficult quiz. Mind you, I was rather shocked to discover recently that one of my gaming group hadn't seen it! We rectified that pretty quickly, although that doesn't change the fact that he hasn't seen Firefly either, which is equally disgraceful!
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There are lots of things I should be doing. Packing for one, grocery shopping too, and tidying up. Oh, and there's emails to write, and comments too.
So of course, I'm snuggled up on the sofa, drinking hot chocolate and watching 'Chelmsford 123'.

Maybe I'll post properly later, but right now I'm just going use this as a place to dump all my favourite fanvids so they're all in one place. I've posted all these before, but they're all rather fabulous, and well worth another look :)

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Syrio Forel is my favourite minor character in A Game of Thrones, and he's responsible for probably my favourite quote in the book. And, well, it seems rather appropriate for Halloween.

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Well, I have memes to do. Also, for no other reason than that I put myself through the ordeal of the watching the rest of 'Threads' 25-odd years after seeing the first episode and being too freaked out/terrified to wach the rest (yay. Gut-wrenchingly brutal nuclear war dramas FTW :/) I kind of want to talk about that at some point. But both of those require actual thought. So mostly this is going to be a fanvid dump.

First off though, I just want to say that I finally saw the last episode of season 3 of Battlestar Galactica today. Oh my god. OH MY GOD. I really, really wasn't expecting that to happen.
Little bit of a break now though, I think. It's so good, but SOOOOOO STRESSFUL.

Anyway, thanks to [profile] shan_3414 I'm feeling rather nostalgic for Farscape. So I went looking for fanvids :).
(All rather spoilery, of course :/).
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I have comments to reply to, and even more to post generally, but it's bedtime. So tired :/

I couldn't not post this, though. The ever lovely and talented [profile] shan_3414 made it. So, so pretty, and so, so awesome :D

(Originally posted here. Go show her some love if you like it!)

I miss them!
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Had an overnight last night, so I was awake for something over 25 hours before getting to bed at half 7 in the morning and getting about 5 hours sleep. Tiiiiirrred.
It was Liverpool's second annual Gay Pride festival today, which I would have loved to check out, but I was way too knackered to even consider it :/
So now I'm spending a nice lazy evening finally embarking on season 3 of BSG. Yay, stress! XD

I really don't have the energy to update properly, but I haven't posted since the Big Hack so this is just a 'hi' and a quick posting of links for a couple of things I've had open in tabs for a while. I'm not sure anyone will be interested but me, but this is a good place to keep a record of stuff, so.
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I'm going to do a proper post some time soon, honest. You know, with words and stuff. But this whole writer's block thing is really kicking my arse, and it's not just with fiction, either. I'm sure I have stuff to say on, well, lots of things, but I just have no energy, inspiration or motivation to say it. Hey ho.

So, in place of that, I think you should take a few minutes to take a look at this! It was posted at [ profile] steamfashion a few days ago, and it's just gorgeous. It's just a deserted building - an old finishing school, apparently, possibly in the US - but, well, there's something about deserted buildings. They're equal parts creepy, beautiful, atmospheric, and just plain sad. So much history, so many lives and stories, all gone to ruin and decay.
More than anything else, this makes me think of Session 9, which is one of my favourite horror films. It's set in a deserted asylum (with the guy who plays Horatio Caine in CSI Miami, but he's far less annoying in this, thank god!), and it's utterly terrifying, but in a good way! Anyway, although the vid gives every impression that you're going to see something appalling around the next corner, I'm glad to say nothing ever comes of it. It's just a rather creepy but beautiful vid, with a lovely soundtrack. Give it a look!

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Kind of a random picture to start off with, but then I think this post may turn out to be made up of kind of random things, so whatever. I've been on Tumblr for about a month and nothing has changed my initial impression that it's largely a whole array of very pretty (and sometimes very pervy) pictures. Which is nice, of course, but it rather fails on the whole interaction thing, which is one of the things I like most about LJ. Given that, I'm super happy that both [ profile] shan_3414 and [ profile] blurubberband55 have expressed their intention to come home :). It's been so quiet here recently, it'll be nice for things to be a little more lively :). Of course, I can't guarantee that I'll post more myself. I always intend to, but I'm so good at just faffing my time away that, well, I'm never as productive as I'd like at anything (who is?).
Anyway, where was I? Ah yes, this!
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So many emails to write, and comments to write/answer, and a killer case of writer's block to try and get over. Also, a to-read pile that makes me weep to look at it (I figured out a few years ago that it would take me at least five years to read the books I own that I haven't read yet. It would probably be more like 10 now. On the plus side, I'm sure they'll make excellent kindling when the zombie apocalypse comes. For which the following advice may be useful:D
Photobucket). However, I'm ridiculously tired and my sinuses are kicking off, so instead I'm spending the evening watching DVDs and spamming LJ with pretties. So, not too much change there then.
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While I'm posting pretties, [ profile] fembuck recently described this vid as "Cara. Kahlan. Making out. A lot." Need I say more?
I kind of (kind of?) hate the song, but whatever, LOOK AT THE PRETTY <3

Talking of pretty, has anyone else been watching Lost Girl? I have [ profile] twistomatic to thank for the rec, and I know [ profile] flister's rather taken with it :D, but how about the rest of you? Succubus and cute friend kicking arse, pretty, pretty people, lots of sexy, and just good, clean fun :D.
There are download links for first 11 episodes here. Check it out. I don't think you'll be disappointed :)


♥ all
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I've sat down a few times over the last couple of weeks to post here, and just haven't been able to find any motivation at all, or think of anything much worth writing about. Of course, I probably still won't be able to think of anything worth posting writing about, but I'm not entirely sure why that should stop me :P

So yeah, lacking in motivation, inspiration, and everything else recently. God, I've not written a word of fiction since I finished that little piece of Ginny/Luna/Pansy ridiculousness. I was so wanting not to take two months on chapter 2 of my Narnia story (which is how long long it took me to write the first part), and now it's two and a half months later and I haven't even started yet. I made the mistake of starting to think about plot, and oh how I suck at plot. Every time I actually put pen to paper (hey, I'm old-fashioned like that :)) I get completely overwhelmed and then just start scribbling more notes on things that aren't particularly relevant to anything. Gah.
The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is out on December 10th. I'm really hoping to have chapter 2 up then. I'll be very annoyed at myself if I don't.

And have I mentioned how much I'm looking forward to The Voyage of the Dawn Treader? I even went onto 'Into the Wardrobe' to see if they had anything to say about it. Of course, I'd completely forgotten that it's entirely dominated by rabid Christian evangelicals, which is the reason I stopped visiting in the first place. God, I loathe them, and they're particularly annoying because they have canon and the author's intentions on their side, and obviously they consider their own interpretation of the text to be the only valid one. Grrr.

Anyway, what else?
Ooooh, has anyone heard about Sucker Punch? It looks awesome. I have no idea what it's about, cos really the trailer doesn't make a hell of a lot of sense :D, but still, awesome.

Also, This is relevant to my interests :D. REDHEADS, YAY ♥ ♥ ♥
LOL. Sorry. Not obsessed, honest :p

Oh, and I'm posting this vid purely because I heard this song for the first time a couple of weeks ago (as part of a rather fabulous Assassin!Adrian Andrews mix (f-locked, because the person who made it was too bashful to post it publicly. Silly ♥ ) and I LOVE IT (really gonna have to get hold of the album). I don't even know Veronica Mars. Is it any good?

Oh, and one more thing. I'm a little late here, and it's been all around my flist for a few days so most of you probably already know about it, but for those of you who don't and may be interested, the Queerly Awesome Comment Ficathon is in full swing. Go, prompt, write, have fun :)

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God, so busy. And obviously today I managed to fritter away most of today being all knackered and needing recover from the rest of the week. Annoying! (Also annoying: a boiler that only works about 50% of the time, and so I have to boil water to wash the other 50%. Twice, I've had someone to look at it, but because the fault is intermittent, it's kind of hard to track down. If it carries on, he'll have to start replacing the expensive bits. Boo).

The Skins Big Bang seems to be a massive success, and I'm very much enjoying my beta-ing duties. I occasionally think I've bitten off a little more than I can chew, but hey, I like doing it, so (it's like: I have actual permission to be pedantic at people, and they can't complain. How good is that? :p ).
And talking of the Skins BB, our glorious leader (AKA [ profile] shan_3414 :)) made this a few days ago, and god, it's so lovely. It makes all kinds of nostalgic. Just beautiful.
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