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Soooo, just cos I took a few piccies (which I don't do much. I really must get into the habit of it more. It's nice to look at them, even if I have no eye) here's foggy, pretty Whitby, in all (or at least a small part) of its glory.

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All packed and ready to roll to sunny Whitby. I hardly slept on Tuesday or Wednesday night though, so the prospect of a 3 or 4 hour drive isn't that attractive. As I finished packing at midday I've been dozing on the sofa for a couple of hours, which is nice. Just waiting for Brie to wake up so we can have a little chat before I go and then I should be ready to hit the road.
I'm going to be mostly offline for the next few days, I think (unless the place we're staying has wifi, which seems unlikely). I always feel slightly uncomfortable when I'm forcibly removed from the internet XD
(On the plus side, Skype works on my phone so, fingers crossed, I should still be able to talk to Brie on most days. We shall see).

I'll be back next Tuesday, and then we have another public holiday on the following Monday. Yay :D

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First of all, a massive congratulations to all my friends in the United States for staving off the threat of a Republican president for 4 more years. I have to admit, I was getting more than a little nervous myself at how close it all seemed to be, so the fairly decisive trouncing Romney got was rather nice to wake up to.
Of course, before the election, I saw comments online arguing that the polls were biased towards the Democrats, and then, afterwards, that people didn't vote for Obama so much as against Romney, but that's clearly just a massive case of Republican sour grapes, and either way the result is the same so it looks like they'll just have to suck it up.
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