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Well, due to a positive masterpiece of scheduling on my part (AKA blind luck) I managed to see Catching Fire mid-afternoon last Saturday and get back home in time for Doctor Who. I'm very glad I did because they were both rather awesome. Having read Catching Fire before I saw it I enjoyed it slightly less than The Hunger Games, just because I knew what was happening. Cath was kind of annoyed by the whole 'it not finishing properly' thing, but then, that's second films of trilogies the world over (it's somehow less annoying in books, I don't know why).
As with the first one, it looked amazing, it was almost pathologically faithful to the book (and again, even the bits they added because the books are purely Katniss's POV were extrapolated very well), and it was brilliantly cast. All in all, I'm very much looking forward to Mocking Jay (which was actually the weakest of the books for me, though I still very much enjoyed it). Somehow I can't help thinking it'll work better as a film.

Doctor Who, despite my worries that it would be something of a let down, was all sorts of fabulous. Sufficiently so that I'd be entirely unable to be coherent about it, so here's a more lucid critique than I could ever give:-

And this made me alternately squee and cry :')

(And now I'm going to watch Maudryn Undead again and remind myself if the limit of 13 was on incarnations or regenerations. Cos if it was on incarnations then they've just hit the limit with John Hurt's 'War Doctor' and I'll be interested to see if they just ignore it or make any sort of nod to it in the next regeneration).
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Something - I'm not sure what - possessed me to book Samaritans overnights on two consecutive Fridays which just ugh. By the time I realised it was too late to get out of either of them. Last Friday's one was done in a general state of malaise and achy headedness and wiped out most of my Saturday. All I had the energy to do was wander to the Anglican cathedral for only the 3rd time in 20 years (it's nice though way too big and I must admit to always being shocked when people treat sacred spaces as simple tourist attractions, but whatever). And now I just have to do this coming Friday's one and I really, really don't want to. But once I have, I'll just have the one at the end of the month and then 2 more to take me to my 10 for the end of the year, and as I've never even managed 8 before I doubt I'll do those two (it's not mathematically possible for everyone to do 10 overnights. There aren't enough shifts). Next year I'm going to be more organised about it. Next year ...
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Yeah, not really the most successful week.
On Wednesday I conducted a fairly effective experiment to demonstrate the fact that 2 objects can't occupy the same space at the same time. The objects were car shaped. It was annoying. (It was a queue on the motorway, I was going maybe 3 miles an hour. Virtually no damage and he was very nice about it but it was still really stupid).

I was convinced I had a Samaritans overnight tonight so I spent the evening trying to sleep and went in for 10pm, only to discover it's next Friday. Ach.

On the plus side, Call of Cthulhu was fun last night. It's remarkable how every player or group ever will completely ignore the blatantly sign-poster plot points and go off on wild tangents. It's like, it's a printed handout. Why would someone going to the trouble of producing a handout if the information on it wasn't directly relevant to the story? What the hell is wrong with you?!
Still, the ad libing is always fun. I really must remember to make proper notes so I don't completely forget the random ad-hoc characters and extra leads.
Hopefully next session will see them getting back on track a bit. This is only supposed to be an intro, after all. I really don't want it to take weeks.

A very belated Happy Canada Day and a slightly less belated Happy Independence Day to everyone across the pond. I hope it was lovely :)

Every so often I run across some rather fabulous fanvids. This is one.
(Is it necessary to warn for spoilers in Harry Potter vids at this stage? If it is, then this is totally spoilery :)).

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Stolen from [personal profile] moonbathe_skin

I giggled lots (especially at the gimpy man who "says he's your inner child" chasing you in a JCB XD).

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