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So, after my last post I was thinking about favourite lullabies last night and I remember this, which takes me back to my early childhood and gives me chills in a good way. I loved Chitty Chitty Bang Bang so much :)

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This is a song - basically a lullaby - from The Consultants, a Radio 4 comedy sketch show from a few years back. It's just really pretty. And as I have to get up now and answer phones till 6 in the morning, I'll just leave it here.
(I've no idea of the relvance of the images the vid maker chose. Just ignore those and listen to the song :)). (It starts at c. 23 seconds and ends at c. 1min 59 secs. The rest is a bit hectic).
"International Bedtime"

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No gaming tonight cos Lee's visiting from Manchester again tomorrow so game night has shifted to Friday, this not being a two night week. (Aid has a pass for two nights every other week. More than that is a little unfair on his other half, what with the babby and all). To be honest that's a huge relief because oh my god, soooo tired. It's not that I've been much busier than usual (every week seems to be as frantic as every other one, and every week I still feel like I don't achieve very much) it's just that, well, sleep's been very much at a premium recently. Every night this week I've been waking up some time around one-ish and then sleeping fitfully after that. I seem to be managing about 5 hours a night, which sucks. To feel completely human I need 8 hours-ish (always have done) so I spend a lot of my time feeling half dead. Ugh :(

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