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Title: A Piacere
(Part 3 of "Giving Up These Kisses")
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Ginny/Luna
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Ginny visits Luna in her place of work. Honestly, it's porn, what do you think happens?
Word count: 5000 words of rather fluffy, unashamedly romantic smut.
Warnings: None to speak of. A teeny bit of very, very light and entirely consensual bondage. Nothing other than that, really.
Disclaimer: Obviously all the characters and pretty much everything else belong to JK Rowling. This is just for fun!

Weeks and weeks ago, I promised [ profile] perverbially a story as a belated birthday present. That story is currently stalled due to my total and utter fail at anything even remotely resembling plot. In its place she's been kind enough to accept this rather fluffy bit of smut as a sort of unbirthday present.
Sorry to make you wait so long, dude. I hope you enjoy it ♥

Author's Note 1: Betaing, moral support, and all sorts of useful input and suggestions were provided by the very lovely [ profile] flister. I might have finished this earlier without her help, but also far less well, and I'd certainly be nowhere near as happy with it. So, thank her for the parts that work here, and blame me for the ones that don't.
Thanks Flis, you're a star ♥

A/N 2: This is the third part of a loosely linked series of Ginny/Luna stories that I've finally decided to give an overall title, so it's now called "Giving Up These Kisses" (stolen from a song by Tori Amos, via a rather lovely mix that Sivi did for her Fate is Overgrown last June). The other parts can be found here and here

A/N 3: It's been pointed out to me that asking my real life friends not to read things that I post here just makes them curious as to what it is, which is reasonable enough. But really, it's just very fluffy, but also rather explicit, smut. I can't for the life of me understand why you'd want to read porn by someone you actually know, but if you must, please, never, ever tell me. Thanks :)

So anyway, I've rambled on more than enough. Without further ado:-

A Piacere
And don't worry, Kingsley's not in it for long )
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Title: "Things that Luna Lovegood excels at, Number 1: Ginny Weasley"
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing(s): Ginny/Luna
Rating: NC-17
Summary: There are some things that Luna just knows
Word count: 367
Warnings: PWP

This is the opening scene of my very belated birthday present to [ profile] perverbially. The full story will probably take a while and will have, like, plot and stuff. Also, it won't just be porn.
In that sense, it's almost the polar opposite of this, which 1) didn't take very long at all, 2) has no plot, 3) is just porn.
But I thought I'd post it as a teaser anyway, because hey, it's not like it's going to spoiler the story is it? The title will change, I'm just not sure to what yet.
I hope you enjoy :)
(Also, this is the first time I've ever used second person. It's an acquired taste and I may not keep with it. We'll see).

Note: As per my last effort, I'd rather anyone who knows me IRL didn't read this. And if you do, just pretend you haven't, 'k?

Disclaimer: Obviously I don't own Harry Potter. If only ...

You'll never tire of this. The way Ginny melts under you hands. The soft, supple warmth of her skin. )
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Title: Shell
Fandom: Skins
Pairing(s): Effy/Sophia
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Love unrequited, lust reciprocated.
Word count: 2000
Warnings: PWP/angst
Prompt: "I'm broken too"
Written for the [ profile] femslash_today porn battle.
This is the most explicit thing I've ever written, and it's way too smutty for me to be comfortable with anyone I actually know in real life reading it. So it's locked to you guys for the moment. I hope you enjoy it :)
Unlocked now. If you know me in real life, I'd really rather you didn't read this. And if you choose to, let's never speak of it. 'k?

Disclaimer: I don't own Skins or these characters.

The title and opening quotation are from a song by Heather Nova

Beta-ing and invaluable moral support from the incomparable [ profile] flister. Thanks dude ♥

“Look at me I'm smooth like a shell,
Put your head down
You can hear the ocean.
Hold my body - feel it roll,
So much inside and it's all been broken.”
Effy stares at her own reflection as she listens to the sobs emanating from the cubicle behind her. )

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