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I just saw the last ever Harry Potter film. SO MANY FEELINGS I CAN'T EVEN.
I should probably do the whole review/thoughts thing, but I'm kind of sleepy, and am having difficulty with words at the moment (which is kind of an ongoing thing recently. Really need to get on top of that!).
So instead, I'm rewatching The Philosopher's Stone and drinking gin and tonic, and I'm going to bother you with old fic. It's kind of cheating (I do mean to finish the last story of this series. Some time. I hope), but these are the some of the first stories I ever wrote, and in a way they're my little love letter to the series, and to two of my favourite characters (and my f/f OTP (I'll never stop being incredibly upset that my m/m OTP died in canon :(:(:(:( )).

So, ridiculously over-the-top-romantic/nostalgic femslash coming up! If such things bore you/make you feel like your teeth are going to rot, best turn away now!

Blue in Green )

Memento Mori )


And that's it for tonight. I thought about posting part three, but while it's quite romantic it's also very explicit, so it would rather change the character of this post xD

I hope you're all well!
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Title: A Piacere
(Part 3 of "Giving Up These Kisses")
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Ginny/Luna
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Ginny visits Luna in her place of work. Honestly, it's porn, what do you think happens?
Word count: 5000 words of rather fluffy, unashamedly romantic smut.
Warnings: None to speak of. A teeny bit of very, very light and entirely consensual bondage. Nothing other than that, really.
Disclaimer: Obviously all the characters and pretty much everything else belong to JK Rowling. This is just for fun!

Weeks and weeks ago, I promised [ profile] perverbially a story as a belated birthday present. That story is currently stalled due to my total and utter fail at anything even remotely resembling plot. In its place she's been kind enough to accept this rather fluffy bit of smut as a sort of unbirthday present.
Sorry to make you wait so long, dude. I hope you enjoy it ♥

Author's Note 1: Betaing, moral support, and all sorts of useful input and suggestions were provided by the very lovely [ profile] flister. I might have finished this earlier without her help, but also far less well, and I'd certainly be nowhere near as happy with it. So, thank her for the parts that work here, and blame me for the ones that don't.
Thanks Flis, you're a star ♥

A/N 2: This is the third part of a loosely linked series of Ginny/Luna stories that I've finally decided to give an overall title, so it's now called "Giving Up These Kisses" (stolen from a song by Tori Amos, via a rather lovely mix that Sivi did for her Fate is Overgrown last June). The other parts can be found here and here

A/N 3: It's been pointed out to me that asking my real life friends not to read things that I post here just makes them curious as to what it is, which is reasonable enough. But really, it's just very fluffy, but also rather explicit, smut. I can't for the life of me understand why you'd want to read porn by someone you actually know, but if you must, please, never, ever tell me. Thanks :)

So anyway, I've rambled on more than enough. Without further ado:-

A Piacere
And don't worry, Kingsley's not in it for long )
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Title: Memento Mori
(Part 2 of Giving Up These Kisses)
Sequel to Blue in Green

Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing(s): Ginny/Luna
Rating: R (for swearing, drugs)
Summary: On the anniversary of Fred Weasley's death, Ginny visits her brother's grave.
Word count: 3200
Warnings: Fluff!
I'd intended for this to be porn and right until the last few paragraphs that intention remained intact. There's clearly something inside me that makes me balk at that though; or maybe it's because good porn is very hard to write and I'm still a little too nervous to try. Either way, I'm rather disappointed to report that this is basically a smut-free zone. Sorry. Instead it hits my default mode, which is rather overwrought, slightly angsty fluff.

Disclaimer: Obviously all the characters and pretty much everything else belong to JK Rowling. This is just for fun!

The opening quotation is from a poem by Mervyn Peake

Unbetad; all mistakes are mine.

To live at all is miracle enough. )
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Title: Blue In Green
(Part 1 of Giving Up Theses Kisses)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing(s): Luna/Ginny
Rating: NC-17 (Well, there's smut, although not really a whole lot. Let's just say that there's as much smut as I'm comfortable posting to a place where people who actually know me can read it. Also, I'm apparently entirely convinced that, outside of a PG environment, Ginny swears like a trooper. I can't be the only one, right?)
Summary: Marry me!
Word count: 3400
Warnings: Basically just fluff, with some angst and a little smut thrown in. Rather silly and pointless really, but I hope it is at least sort of cute
Disclaimer: Obviously all the characters and pretty much everything else belong to JK Rowling. This is just for fun!

Author's Notes: This was inspired initially by [ profile] lareinemisere's prompt "Marry me!". The drabble that currently exists only in my head for this same prompt is entirely different, but this was far more fun.
I had Miles Davis's "Kind of Blue" playing on repeat most of the time I was writing this and the various moods of that album shaped the mood and tone of it considerably. I stole the title from my favourite track (which is utterly beautiful - it's here. Give it a listen and if you like it buy the album. There's a reason it's a classic.) and the opening lyrics were written to that piece although they're not actually on the album so I've no idea who to credit (they turned up in an google trawl).

This is my first completed, decent length short story in ages and it took me forever. By the time it reached the end I'm rather afraid it had lost any impetus it may have had at the beginning; I've read it back and tweaked it so much that I can't tell if it's any good, so any and all constructive criticism is welcome.

This is for [ profile] lareinemisere, for the prompt and [ profile] zagury, for introducing me to the pairing. I hope I haven't messed with your OTP too much :)

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