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- Actual inklings of spring this week. Yay! Of course, given that it's the Spring Equinox in less than 2 weeks it's kind of timely. (I'm just hoping that horrible Arctic vortex thingy that's been hammering North America all winter doesn't make its way to this side of the pond. Another super late spring after the winter we've had would be most unwelcome.
Still, I've managed to get through my least favourite month of the year relatively unscathed. Only one unpleasantness, so that's nice (though that unpleasantness looks like it's going to be indefinite, which makes me sad).

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Nice quiet birthday, which is really the only kind that I like these days. My car breaking made sure I couldn't have done anything big anyway, even if I'd wanted to, but I like quiet, especially in January.
So, I took Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off and spent it reading, writing, watching TV and coming fourth of four at a game of Louis XIV (one of my favourites). I got to talk to a dear friend who's in Texas (so the timing can be awkward) on Tuesday night, so that was nice. She was Skyping on laptop rather than phone and it doesn't have a microphone so we did the me talking, her doing sign language and typing thing, which is surprisingly effective. For the first few months of our friendship we had to Skype that way all the time and while it felt strange going back to that now I've actually got used to hearing her voice, it was still lovely to talk to her.

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As usual I seem to have just about struggled to the end of the week and now I just want to sleep all weekend. Not going to happen, of course. I never do sleep much, but at least I have no overnights and no Sams shift tomorrow and exactly no plans for the weekend so I get a lazy couple of days. Yay :)

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+ Tiredtiredtired. I don't know. It doesn't matter how unhectic my week is, by the time it gets to Friday evening, all I want to do is crash out, watch DVDs (although right now, I have "Come Dine With Me" on in the background, which is just awful. Appalling, appalling people :/) and get an early night.
I'm so rock.
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