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I've done something to my right hand. RSI or tendonitis or a trapped nerve or the fact that I dropped my phone and in trying to stop it falling into the bath it bashed my knuckles really hard. Either way, the knuckles are numb and if I move the hand too much the radial nerve in the wrist catches and causes a really icky twinge all the way too my middle finger. Ugh :/
So I'm supposed to take ibuprofen 3 times a day for a month (yay indigestions :() and use it as little as possible. So yeah, that means my online activity will be far more limited than I'm used to (which makes me sad) and posts, emails, comments, whatever are going to be greatly reduced. Boo :(

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As usual I seem to have just about struggled to the end of the week and now I just want to sleep all weekend. Not going to happen, of course. I never do sleep much, but at least I have no overnights and no Sams shift tomorrow and exactly no plans for the weekend so I get a lazy couple of days. Yay :)

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Once again, no gaming tonight. Tomorrow we're going to vet our new potential member in a neutral location (one of the few bearable pubs in town, called The Bridewell because it was originally a police lockup). The few brief emails I've exchanged with him suggest that he's not a complete crazy (well, not in the bad way. Crazy in the good way is fine) but it's nice to make sure before I invite him into my home. Saturday night is going to be pseudo-Thursday, in the hope that Tarek's recent spell of extremely poor health will pass enough for him to join us.
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No gaming tonight cos Lee's visiting from Manchester again tomorrow so game night has shifted to Friday, this not being a two night week. (Aid has a pass for two nights every other week. More than that is a little unfair on his other half, what with the babby and all). To be honest that's a huge relief because oh my god, soooo tired. It's not that I've been much busier than usual (every week seems to be as frantic as every other one, and every week I still feel like I don't achieve very much) it's just that, well, sleep's been very much at a premium recently. Every night this week I've been waking up some time around one-ish and then sleeping fitfully after that. I seem to be managing about 5 hours a night, which sucks. To feel completely human I need 8 hours-ish (always have done) so I spend a lot of my time feeling half dead. Ugh :(

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+ Tiredtiredtired. I don't know. It doesn't matter how unhectic my week is, by the time it gets to Friday evening, all I want to do is crash out, watch DVDs (although right now, I have "Come Dine With Me" on in the background, which is just awful. Appalling, appalling people :/) and get an early night.
I'm so rock.
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Gah. Feel grotty.
I haven't been off work with anything other than "really can't be arsed today", or random excruciating sinus pain since 2006, so maybe it was past time. There was a time last night/this morning when I thought it might be the beginnings of flu. But no, just a stinking cold (with, of course, random excruciating sinus pain). I always feel a bit stupid giving a cold as a reason not to go into work, but I feel icky, so whatever. They're highly unlikely to sack me for taking a few days off. And anyway, I'm tired. I get five hours sleep a night at most, if I'm lucky, just cos I can't sleep for longer than that. So I think a few days of lying on the sofa, watching DVDs and letting stuff take care of itself for a while is sort of in order.

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