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I have comments to reply to, and even more to post generally, but it's bedtime. So tired :/

I couldn't not post this, though. The ever lovely and talented [profile] shan_3414 made it. So, so pretty, and so, so awesome :D

(Originally posted here. Go show her some love if you like it!)

I miss them!
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A few days after my last post the very lovely and rather fab [ profile] blurubberband55 stumbled across this vid and was kind enough to post it for our ~edification. So I'm doing the same. Something for the special edition of the Legend of the Seeker DVD? I think so!

There needs to be a Kahlan version of this. And almost certainly a Cara one too. How do they not already exist?

In other news, my mother's coming up for the weekend. Gah. So by Monday morning I'll be ready to scream and I'll need another weekend. Great.
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Gah. Feel grotty.
I haven't been off work with anything other than "really can't be arsed today", or random excruciating sinus pain since 2006, so maybe it was past time. There was a time last night/this morning when I thought it might be the beginnings of flu. But no, just a stinking cold (with, of course, random excruciating sinus pain). I always feel a bit stupid giving a cold as a reason not to go into work, but I feel icky, so whatever. They're highly unlikely to sack me for taking a few days off. And anyway, I'm tired. I get five hours sleep a night at most, if I'm lucky, just cos I can't sleep for longer than that. So I think a few days of lying on the sofa, watching DVDs and letting stuff take care of itself for a while is sort of in order.

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Well, then. Insert random stuff here, I suppose.

Whitby was all sorts of fun, and the company was fab, and mostly good humoured. I may have drunk rather more gin (and whisky for that matter) than is technically healthy, and I definitely ate more cheese and fudge than my nominally vegan diet would suggest (I miss cheese ok? It's been over a decade, and I've never stopped missing it, and they don't make a decent non-dairy cheese. Trust me, I've looked).

A few days ago, [ profile] blurubberband55 posted a Katie Fitch vid that [ profile] crackfoxx made for her (the prompt was "Katie Fitch is awesome at life" to the tune of "I'm too sexy"). It may actually be the best thing ever, and it's one of the things things I've seen in the last few days that's brought home to me the total reversal of my opinion on Katie. I loathed her utterly when I first saw season 3, and for months afterwards. Now though? I just want to hug her. I love her so much. This vid may give you a clue as to why.

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